Our efforts to create a home in Romania are becoming an experiment in healthy and sustainable living. We are in a constant process of research, adaptation, application and observation – we have more questions then we do answers. We are reaching out to local organizations and invididuals for both learning and sharing our discoveries.

Romania is divided between modern-aspiring cities and traditional villages and farms. It is rich with traditional wisdom on sustainable living that now seems to be losing ground and fading in the face of modernized industrialization. Our wish is to combine local traditional knowledge together with modern and applicable knowledge on sustainable living. In doing so we hope to revive what we perceive to be wonderful potential for quality living in Romania.

We are seeking sponsors who resonate with our vision and values and with whom we can foster a pleasant and fruitful relationship. We are reaching out to non-profit organizations with whom we find shared purpose. We are also approaching for-profit companies whos products and solutions are (or can be made) present in Romania and can play a supportive role in our lives and our work.

We invite you to browse this website (in English or Romanian) to learn more about us and where our efforts are currently focused. You are also welcome to download a PDF document containing our Invitation to Sponsors.

We have a clear long term vision and short term activities that become clear as we progress. In the following pages you can find more information on the core issues we are exploring. These pages are constantly updated to reflect our progress and needs (as they become apparent, clear and specific):

  1. Building our house using hemp-lime construction.
  2. Renovating existing traditional structures into a public place of learning.
  3. Applying permaculture and agro-forestry to our land.


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