elderberry (soc) flowers syrup

last week when we made the strawberries jam I also started to make elderberry syrup.


I was searching the internet for recipes. I knew the basics from my mom and grandmas… but not details. never made it on my own from A to Z.

found different recipes with different styles of cooking, quite different quantities for the ingredients.

Step ONE: collect and clean flowers

I collected a LOT of flowers – the red and blue big plastic containers were full.

while Ronen was keeping the jam to cook, I was separating flowers from their stems. this was a looooooong proces – some good hours.



Step TWO: maceration

I put flowers. added lemon juice and boiled water, to sit for five days.

there were two big glass jars and the biggest pot were full with flowers. I put juice from two lemons in each of the jars, from four lemons in the pot.

I mixed the contents each day, during the five days, at least twice a day.

the next day after assembling these contents I felt like adding more lemon juice: the same quantity as the first round, in each of the containers.


Step THREE: cooking

yesterday we got to the cooking phase, rocketing again.

I filtered the liquid which was already yellow and beautifully smelling of elderberry flowers. squeezes the flowers.

used the plastic sieve and white cloth (my mom brought us for bread covering) for sieving. there was 15 l of liquid.

added 6 kg of white sugar and put it to boil. the big-tall pot was full to the top.

this resulted in 18 l of syrup, not so thick.


Step FOUR: bottling

we then sterilize and cook the bottles again.


what I’ve planned to be around 4-5 litres of syrup (at the moment Icollected the flowers) it got to 18 l :).

that was quite and estimation… we have for some years now!