Flour Mill

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Given that both Iulia and I make bread regularly I’ve been thinking about getting a flour mill for Bhudeva so we can purchase grains (which store better) and make flour as needed. I’ve asked Iulia and she was interested!

I’ve consulted Iulian (the producer who makes bread at Cutia Taranului) about this and his main feedback was first focus on finding quality cereals. He also provided a link to a friend of his who imports these mills to Romania.

When Andreea and I thought about this a few years ago I did some research and came across the Komo brand often mentioned also in the USA and available in Romania (online buying options I came across are here and here). I’ve also seen Komo on ebay.de.

Two differences I noticed about the two companies:

  1. The mills from Iulian’s friend are made of pine while the Komo mills are made from hardwood.
  2. The mills from Iulian’s friend have 5 years warrantee while the Komo mills have 10-12 years.

When I visit Annelieke this fall I will have a chance to see what it is like to use the mill she has (physically larger then the mills I’ve been looking at and powerful ~600w compared to 200-360w in the mills I’ve seen) and allow that experience to further inform me.