Construction Wood Framing

Summer Kitchen Renovation Part8: Bond Beam & Sill Plate

With formwork in place we put in rebar and then had to wait for the weather to clear up and for a delivery of stones (for the concrete mix) for a concrete pouring day.

While waiting for the weather I completed work in the workshop on the window frames. Here are two large frames awaiting assembly:

The joinery work has really paid off … the frames assemble reliably and with great precision (square!):

Two frames assembled … these were given priority because we will need them soon for framing … having them ready will allow us to simulate their placement in the wall to get the best view:

Then, concrete day arrived. We tried hiring two workers .. but only one, Mirela – the shepherd’s wife. Iulia and I got an early start to get started, mix a first batch and see what it’s like to get it in place. The first segment went smoothly … though we did adjust the mix (5 shovels stones, 7 shovels sand + ~7 liters of water):

Then Mirela joined us and we started to find a rhythm. I was on the mixer, Iulia on the walls and Mirela moving material up to Iulia.

… and we were moving at a good place starting to go around the structure:

The 1st wider segment made the progress feel slower … but when we got past that we could see the end. This is what it looked like when we took a short break just before the last session:

… and after 30 batches (~1.7 cubic meters) … we had a bond beam poured:

Tarps went back on … and a couple days later … the forms came off:

… and then it was time for a wooden frame (I believe this is called a sill plate in wood framing) anchored to the concrete, on top of which we will frame the 2nd level:

Iulia is waiting for me to finish drilling wholes in the concrete for another segment of wood:

… which brought us back to the charred beams … here is Iulia cleaning off the loose char … preparing them for cleaning and oiling … while I was doing some more charring

… we are about to start (rapidly) ingesting the pile of lumber into a 2nd floor and a roof.