Construction Wood Framing

Summer Kitchen Renovation Part9: Going Up

After charring, brushing and light sanding it was time to oil the beams:

Then … getting them up in the roof. Fortunately, they were now lighter then they were when we received them green … making them slightly more manageable! We were able to hoist one side of the beam up to one side of the wall … and then with a strap drag the other end up … and then together getting up on opposite walls … move them into place:

… and slowly but surely … the beams were up … and the structure started to feel contained again:

Meanwhile, in the background (and the shaded workshop), the first scaffolding structure was coming together:

Then … well … it was time to start framing the side walls. For this we had to spend some time considering the position of the two windows (one in each wall). This took some time, standing on the walls, looking at views, light, directions, relationship to the surrounding … some simple mockups on paper.

We started building one segment … it was fairly large and was a bit of a struggle getting up on the wall (for just the two of us):

Initially, this caused some anxiety. We were stretching our limits … of experience, physical strength and scale … this is the largest thing I’ve ever taken on … and high up! Walking along the walls became trickier when the beams went up … now with a wall segment up … it required planning and attention!

The next segment was (in some ways) easier because it was smaller.

… and in this one we tried incorporating some recycled wood … here Iulia is charring some pieces for that experiment.

We decided to do the second wall in three smaller segments instead of a large and a small segment. This is the last segment assembled on the ground:

… and then up on the wall:

… and … two walls up!

… then framing in the two window frames:

… and finally … getting into place 4 beams that will support the roof … these stick out ~85cm beyond both ends of the structure to create generous overhangs:

We already have in place (waiting to be loaded with a beam and lifted into position) two temporary poles to support the ridge-beam … until it will be held in place by the roof framing … so … we just need to complete the first scaffolding unit … and it is time to build a roof!

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