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Summer Kitchen Renovation Part4: Electricity

A few days after completing the post the guys from the electric company came out to do their part. They were quick … done in less than two hours. They put in the new electric box and moved the meter into it:

… and moved the main supply wires from the summer kitchen to the new post:

While they were doing that and power was out I was making some arrangement in the house-electric-box for hooking up the new line.

They connected the new main line to the box and finished up some work connections I didn’t have time to do … and pretty soon power was back on and running:

All the old parts became bare and desolate (and ready for tear-down):

A few weeks later I got around to completing the job. First by putting in a new box in the summer kitchen. This was a first taste of carving into cob with an SDS hammer (easy!) to make a channel for the cable and a hole for the box.

Then I created two deadmen with scrap pieces of wood and nails, screwed the box into the deadmen and set the whole thing into fresh cob I placed in the hole:

This box now has a main fuse and a second fuse that is attached to a socket that we can use when working in the summer kitchen.

When that was done we finished arranging the main-box by connecting the summer kitchen, re-arranging some of the main fuses and finally re-connecting the cellar directly to the same fuse box (no pictures).

This, I hope, concludes this years adventures in electricity. Everthing is properly hooked up, no more of those pesky ceramic fuses that had to be replaced … and the summer kitchen is ready for more demolition WITH a new power line installed and working.

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