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(Very) Passive (Not) Solar

The only place we’ve seen sunshine for the past … oh … I don’t know … at least a week, maybe two … was on a video call with Annelieke in Portugal. And this is what the 10 day forecast looks like:

This is that time of the year where the sun can be absent for weeks and the temperatures drop … and the theory of passive solar design simply cannot deliver. We simply cannot rely [for warmth during our winter months] on a daily cycle of solar charging and discharging.

That shortcoming hit me during the first winter at Bhudeva … and that is why I got excited when I discovered Passive Annual Heat Storage which is about creating a YEARLY cycle of charging abundant summer warmth and discharging it during winter.

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The link to pahs book just after the stop sign doesn’t work. I have read this book and it would be a waste if people couldn’t reach it via this link… The more people are familiar with this method, the better.

Cheers, Klemen

Thank you for the pointing that out … I’ve corrected the link to an available (for now: Novemeber 2017) new edition available also print!

Do you have a new edition? Is there more info added to the editon from 1983 I think?
Or is the new edition basically the same?

I have the new edition. I wanted to have a printed version I could sit down with (looks like I’m old enough to be old-fashioned). I have seen yet drastic differences … but I have done a thorough comparison.

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