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apricot compote

Today I made a bit of apricot compote.

Bought some 5 kg of fruits from the market,  not so ripen.

Ronen opened the fruits, took the seeds out. I sterilized the jars (only shortly boiling them under water), stuffed them with halves of fruit, almost to the top, poured hot water over, to cover.

I made 7 big jars with NO sugar, nothing added for sweetening and 6 big jars with two pills of stevia for each.

I closed the jars then I boiled them into a pot, not covering them entirely with water. Water was only coming to the half of the jars, I covered them all with a wet towel, boiling them for about 40 minutes (two batches: 7 and 6).

Them I took them out fast and put them under thick blankets to cool down slowly.


Curious how the no-sugar fruits will stay… how the ones with stevia will taste :).


I also cut some of the ripen apricots and put them into the dryers, repeating last year experiment (tasty!).

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Hi, Julia…
I cool the jars slowly under the pillows, too. But i have heard the other technique to cool them in cold water imediately – and he has good success, too.
On what temperature do you dry apricots? My got moldy this year, i have them on 40°C. I dry peaches, too and they are great… (the book Dry it You’ll like it is great info!)

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