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Tesla Energy presents Powerwall

no more batteries and battery rooms
no more charge controllers
no more grid tie
no more cable messes


Tesla just announced the Powerwall one integrated unit to hang on a wall… a battery with a purpose … connect it to a photovoltaic array and (if you want as backup) the grid and you are good to go … at a fraction of the price of existing, more complicated solutions:

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It may be cheaper then other lithium iron batteries, but lead acid is still the best choice for off grid. They are heavy, take up more space and require a small amount of maintainence, but make up for it with their cost, and the fact that they are 100% recyclable. Li batteries are expensive to recycle, and it is rare to even find a recycler, as opposed to lead acid which you often get a discount when you bring in your old batteries.

Musk starts off by bagging old fashioned batteries as being ugly and unreliable, well they may be ugly, but they are reliable. He also calls them expensive, which is utter BS. In fact the entire list of problems with other batteries is just marketing, totally misleading.

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