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Winter 2012 Has Arrived

Until yesterday I still thought the snow blanket may be temporary. This morning I am convinced its here to stay 🙂

I’ve switched to winter mode. It’s 10am and I am just getting out of bed after tea and some reading and writing. Time to go outside and feed the animals. Then back inside for breakfast, to fire up the rocket stove for an hour or two to keep the room warm for the day and to continue reading, writing, resting … being winter 🙂





4 replies on “Winter 2012 Has Arrived”

We could indeed 🙂 We are happy that it is here. I am particularly grateful for a period of rest (though Andreea is traveling quite a bit these days).

I don’t know how cold Seattle is but it does get cold here. February is usually the coldest month … temperatures can drop below -20c

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