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Today the sun went into hiding and snow came falling down. Still very cold, and I decided to leave all the malfunctions and stay inside where its warm and cozy (though I did place some warm rags on our drain pipe exiting the house). But a neighbor came by to try and help me get the car started.

He came with a raggedy looking converter which connects to the power grid and outputs 12v DC … and it is hooked up the car battery to charge it … we decided to leave it until tomorrow morning and see if it helps. It has very loose connections so I need to keep an eye out on a small indicator light telling me its working – when it goes out I need to go and shake some wires around 🙂

He also took a look at our water situation and it is dire. He encouraged me to completely take out the pipe going into the well … and it is completely frozen (over 5 meters of ice). It is now in the pantry where we keep the temperature to a few degrees above zero … so it should defrost. But that is not the end of the freezing problem … nor is describing it the subject of this post.

The thought that we may not have running water until spring when everything thaws out (2 months at least) is disquieting. So is the thought of not being able to start the car (and drive to the city to pick up our chainsaw that is in repair). I have so far managed to contain the turmoil. Today I was reminded of how.

Just when our neighbor was arriving Andreea called on a break from her course (we barely manage to talk because my cellular phone is dying too and our cellular Internet connection blocks Skype).  She is in Bucharest teaching her 2nd Doula course in Romania. We spoke shortly because I needed to go out and meet our neighbor (the dogs were giving him a less then pleasant welcome). She was filled with joy and energy. 13 women made an effort to participate in the course … some had to travel with babies long distances by trains, in freezing temperatures and at the mercy of snow-storms. All the women made it, some at the last minute. They came to learn how to assist other women (and themselves) during birth.

This is why we are here. This is a powerful energy that we embraced into our lives and has carried us into this new (freezing, waterless, car-less) life. A few seconds on the phone with Andreea confirmed this. We are fulfilling our purpose. Personal frustration, worry and discomforts are brought into context by having a purpose and staying true to it. From afar it tells us which direction to take, from close up it supports and strengthens us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am dying for a hot shower and a flowing sink to do dishes in and not having to carry water from the well in these freezing temperatures. But, I was much less comfortable in a life where these comforts were obviously available and life was devoid of  purpose.

I’m off to  cook a simple dinner of rice with lentils and peppers. I’ll use only one pot so there isn’t much washing up to do … and it will be a delicious meal sprinkled with our secret ingredient – purpose.

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