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Snowstorm 1

I’ve been home alone for the past two days and so I am also alone in my first snow storm. This morning started out wet – it was slushy – a mixture between snow and rain … and muddy. The prevailing outside color was brown (the previous snow had already melted). Then the slush became just rain … muddier. Then … the sun came out for a short peek … then it went back into hiding. Then, all of a sudden, a snow storm set. Within an hour everything outside was white again.

It settled and this is what it looked like a few minutes ago – mind you these images were taken in color and are displayed as is – this is the fantastic palette outside now πŸ™‚

… and the flock πŸ™‚

It’s now snowing heavily again and I need to go out and collect Andreea from the village center – it’s snowing again so – my first drive in a snow storm πŸ™‚

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