3 days of freezing fog … no glimpse of sky or sun … today was better visibility … I could vaguely see the line of the hill.

I’ve been mostly indoors reading, writing, eating, drinking. When it’s this cold, just keeping the house warm is an ongoing task.

It’s beautiful outside – everything is … not blanketed (there hasn’t been snow yet … probably will be this week) … but outlined with white … all ice that has formed and accumulated. It’s such a new palette for me, especially being so close to it … living in it instead of visiting it.

The freezing cold is an issue if I want to go out and do some work. If there is sunshine then there is a 4 or 5 hour window of work. If there isn’t then there are maybe 2 or 3 hours of limited work (wood chopping). I still have quite a bit of woodworking I want to get done … I don’t know how I’ll manage that.

Andreea had an excellent time teaching her first course here in Romania … it should be coming to an end as I write these words. She should be back home tomorrow. Depending on registration she maybe going away mid-December to teach the course again to a group in Brasov and then again in February in Bucharest. I am sooooo proud of her … after so many years of failed attempts to make connections and contribute … finally it’s happening for her, for us.

Folding up here (living room) and moving to the bedroom where I  am keeping the fire going. Going to draw another revision of ideas/plans for our future house.

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