Yesterday was another pleasant day … what seems to make the days pleasant is the ability to focus on one thing or one kind of work without interruptions (be it people or forces of nature). In the morning, together with Andreea, I planned the large shelves to be built for the summer kitchen (where we will be storing all our food) and then I went out and with the mitre saw and circular saw cut all the pieces. It was quick work because we decided it would be a raw project … so no planing or sanding of finishing of any kind (which would have taken a lot of time and effort given the quantity of shelves involved). Quick-build shelves.

Today was also pleasant … but less so because I skipped around between many things:

  • First I placed in the sun the remaining shower stall pieces … did a bit of sanding and then some work lacquer finishing.
  • Then I did a pre-assembly of the kitchen shelves so everything is ready for very quick construction. We will need to clear out the kitchen (much work … all the tools are there and loads of food-jars) and then assembly will be really quick and fairly simple.
  • Then started pre-assembly of the shower stall … with the pieces that are ready to go. It was great to see it start to come together.
  • Then I dog-proofed our humanure hacienda by adding more boards … the dogs were having a party there and … well enough of that. Then I did a round of emptying our waste.
  • Then I (finally) cut the pond liner we purchased to: (1) fill out the two buried tires = soon to be small ponds; (2) for lining the drain-plate of the shower stall.

Andreea spent most of the day indoors continuing her preparation for the first Doula course in Romania.

Very productive day. Its getting dark very early … 17:30 and already dark outside. Our neighbor said that snows were expected within 3 or 4 weeks and would continue through to the beginning of January … so the clock is begin to wind down. I think we will be OK 🙂

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