Rumors said today would be sunny and warm … the day didn’t start like that at all … frost was covering everything … outside had a unique (to me) pale look to it and it stayed that way until the sun found its way through the haze and revived everything.

I started out with the rocket again and after more modifications we have reached what looks like a final model. The only thing we can’t test is how all that thermal mass we added to the rocket itself will warm up. We are ready to bring it  home.

We then went out to get more parts we knew we needed for the indoor water project. When we got back we were in for a surprise. We spoke to the guys who fixed our house initially and asked if they could help us with the holes in the walls (really thick walls) that we needed to bring water in and let greywater out. They sent us another professional plumber who was really nice and friendly (the first one was less so and very expensive which is why we decided to do it on our own). As he was drilling the holes we asked how much he would charge to complete the job and he quoted a decent price … plus he was a really nice and friendly guy.

So … we now have running water in the house … we can’t do anything with it yet because a few small pieces are still missing. We’ll get those tomorrow and then we should have a wood/electric boiler working, a sink and hopefully in a few days  I’ll be able to complete the shower stall … and that will be a huge leap forward (though Andreea in her optimistic spirit and feminine excitement believes we have already made the leap).

Feels like everything is coming together 🙂

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