the sun came out today … how pleasant πŸ™‚

I started the day at the rocket stove model again … widened the burn tunnel and the heat riser … got a much better and consistent burn and draft. Another experiment planned for tomorrow morning. Again, as the rocket was burning I continued to move into the barn attic more of the wood.

After a breakfast break we made an excursion to the village to get some of the parts we will need for the water installation. On the way we stopped to say hello at neighbors we recently made acquaintance with … that turned out to be a long stop even though we tried to keep it short πŸ™‚

At the hardware store we found most of what we needed … and we were surprised by a large pile of trash cardboard boxes waiting for us … so that visit turned out to also be longer then planned. Our fashionable car looked silly totally loaded with cardboard … we got quite a few glances.

We stopped next to the post office to check for mail (where Andreea found a surprising package … stay tuned for it’s story at iamronen). As I waited for Andreea by the car I was greeted by a man who’s house I parked next to. He tried to inquire about the cardboard but my Romanian was not enough to have a conversation. He gave up and invited me into his yard … there he was busy squeezing loads of freshly picked grapes from his property. He dipped a large cup into the freshly squeezed juice and handed it to me … delicious. Andreea then arrived and continued to down the generous cup while she struck up a conversation. Now we know where to get fresh home-brewed wine … he said it will be ready around by Christmas.

We came back home … I dropped Andreea off at our nextΒ door farm neighbors continued home and unloaded the car. It was already late into the day but I decided to persist with my plans to cut to length the pieces for another kitchen cabinet (the one that will house our gas cooker). I setup the mitre saw and started pulling out lumber from my own stash … very comfortable and great fun πŸ™‚ I worked almost passed the sunset … there was barely enough light but I got it done. Tomorrow I plan to bring out the planer πŸ™‚

We lit the stove, fed it with wood and set food on it then went on a short walk to get some more fresh milk (its getting to be very cold at night!) … and now we are back, this daily update is written … time for food and a movie πŸ™‚ Good night all πŸ™‚

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