Yesterday we did something worth noting … but I couldn’t get an Internet connection and was too tired to figure out why … and now after another tiring day I don’t remember what happened yesterday …

Today was cold and in the morning it even rained a bit … a dreary day. Not very inviting to exit the house … but exit we did. We started with a visit to the rocket stove model. We were able to get a good though not consistent enough side-burn going … I think the burn tunnel was too long considering the diameter of the vertical burn chamber. I started playing around with it but then our wood order arrived and that became the theme of the day.

6 cubic meters is a lot of wood. We purchased it as a long term investment … as it will naturally dry and eventually (and gradually) we will have dry wood … which was impossible to find. Anyways … moving 6 cubic meters is a huge task … the first half (or so) was moved into the barn attic … the second half (the heavy half) only made it into the barn itself … slowly we will work to move it up into the attic. We are dead tired.

Food is ready, house is warm … remembering that 6 cubic meters of wood is not only a lot of work but also pure abundance … looking forward to working with it in the coming weeks … creating much needed furniture to carry us through the winter and then some 🙂

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