Wrapping up an odd day. Started with a visit to the market … mostly for some local cheese but we picked up a few other things – including three! kinds of tomatoes. The prices of food are ridiculous here … it is a huge value gap between the value of food in our lives and the amount of work that goes to growing and making it. I am reminded again and again that I would happily grow and process my own food but given the value gap I am not very likely to do so for anyone else.

Oh and we were lucky to run into a market seller who had only cauliflowers … large ones … and we purchased another batch to cut up and freeze for the winter. We missed the local produce so we were happy to run into him.

We also picked a package I ordered with a good saw and a couple of quality chisels for wood working … great to finally have these tools at hand. They arrived just in time for the wood that should be arriving any day.

I did some wood chopping after two days of rest. We then proceeded to build a first simulation of our intended in house rocket stove. We did not yet have the materials for the burn chamber and without that there’s no point in testing it. We stuck in an old metal pipe for kicks and that did part of the trick.

We finally put in the order for stones to pour over the road to our property and a first truck arrived. Unfortunately the brought wrong size stones – they brought small pebbles and we need  larger river-bed rocks. So the first truck went back and another one came back later and poured stacks of rock down the path. Tomorrow a second truck will come and then we need to fin a tractor to level the road for us and that will be done … finally … and it looks as if just in time because long awaited rains are expected this weekend.

Indy tried to kill Harry again and that really puts a veil of agitation over us … only now the nervousness is beginning to fade. We aren’t doing what we should be doing to keep the dogs in check. Even Loui (the puppy) is starting to act up … also showing aggression towards Harry!

Finally we went on a short walk to pick up from fresh milk (still warm from the cow) … back home … warm stove and warm soup await us.


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