Good progress today. All the pieces for the sink cabinet have been planed and cut to size. Amazing to see the transformation of junk wood into something functional and nice 🙂 The pieces of the base of the shower stall are in finishing … initial layer is drying and looks nice.

Gypsy performance was way down today. It was hot today so he was impatient and looking for excuses to get out of the sun. He tried to convince us that cigarettes and alcohol (in addition to food) are part of a workers benefits package. He also wants to bring his wife along with him to work so that can be twice as inefficient. When he was working he did a good job. A few hours before the end of the day he “remembered he had to be somewhere” and left. We paid him for only part of the day. Hope for better communication and more efficient work tomorrow.

9 more bags of corn and 1 additional bag of green peas are in the  freezer. We are all set with corn – hoping for another round of peas. In the coming days will be adding to the freezer some broccoli and cauliflower (some of which will also be pickled together with some peppers and carrots!).

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