Did some final cutting (based on real rather then planned measurements), sanding and assembling of the base (action the top half of the base) of our shower stall. Very happy with the progress of this woodworking project – also all from salvaged lumber.

Andreea (with a little help from me during breaks) de-podded 5kg of green peas freshly picked by our neighbor while in the background our impro-rocket-stove cooked another 40 cobs of corn also freshly picked. Corn and peas are freshly bagged and tucked into the freezer that was delivered just yesterday 🙂

The wood-stove oven is now working on a Pizzaliga (our invention of a pizza like thingy based on mamaliga). It took forever to bring this day to an end … but we are almost there. Time to to sit down for food and a movie … the room is already nice and cozy.

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