All these past days we’ve been very busy still making food preservations … we’ve finished with the tomato sauce (~40 liters of it), made another batch of the miraculous winter salad, a failed Zakuska which will hopefully keep is a nice complementary dish to cooked rice, prune compote and jam, more pickles (this time of […]

3 days have flown past … the 20kg of roasted peppers have finished their journey and become a large load of delicious Zakuska. Another large batch of Zakuska with onions, eggplant and peppers is also ready and slowly cooling down. We also created a wonderful thing called a winter salad which includes finely chopped parsley […]

Today we focused on peppers … from the big load we got yesterday evening. Andreea chopped some up for freezing and preparation for other dishes. I stood at the rocket stove all day and roasted 27.5kg of red peppers … a whole lot. I continue to be in awe of the efficiency of the rocket […]

phew … long day … again … thank god the days are getting shorter … otherwise we would probably be working even more hours. food preservation is an intense and focused effort … much produce is needed simultaneously … so there is a sudden wave of work that can’t be put off … otherwise the […]

Went out early this morning to do the second layer of finishing on the kitchen sink cabinet. Then most of the day went to more food preservations. More peppers were roasted (~3.5kg) and then cooking. Andreea’s intentions were to make our first Zakuska (a generic Romanian name for a diverse range of cooked vegetable mash […]

Another long day gone bye … great stuff today too. Our neighbors are separating (we think they were a great couple), she is staying here (which makes us happy) and he is going back to his home-village. We purchased from them one of their hay piles .. and this morning he brought it over to […]

Super long and fruitful today for us … we are beat but extremely satisfied: In the morning we drove to pick up fresh milk and carry over large quantities of freshly picked vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants and peppers) from our neighbors. Then it was humanure-hacienda time for me … we had a full load (4 buckets) […]

It’s 5:30am and sleep has left me … actually it left quite a while ago … it’s just that now I have surrendered to it being gone ­čÖé Day before yesterday: ┬áStarted off as a great router-work day. I managed to do some half-decent routing work on the posts of our soon-t0-be kitchen sink cabinet. […]