Today started grey and wet ... a nice fall rain ... light and long 🙂 I did not feel like going out at all ... and so I didn't ... unti I felt like going out and so I went out ... and the weather cleared and the sun came out and even some blue [...]

I am sitting happily warm after firing up the rocket stove for the first time this season. The past few nights have been cold here and I've had to do an imitation of Andreea (layers of clothes and a blanket) ... well no more. I modified the rocket a bit and we have not applied [...]

I am finding space again to do some short daily updates ... that signifies a good thing for me 🙂 Andreea is still away attending to another home-birth in Bucharest. There are signs that birth is nearing ... so hopefully she'll be home again in a few days (before heading out to another birth ... [...]

Joy & Jam

Joy Twice a week we purchase fresh milk from a family in a neighboring village. It can be a pleasant walk if weather is nice, but I usually drive there. This brings with it an odd joy. I say odd because (1) I don't experience much happiness (not because it isn't there but rather something [...]

It's been a while since I've written anthing here ... that is mostly due to me slowing down a bit ... my breathing told me I reached a point of over-doing ... so much so that I couldn't ignore it anymore and decided to slow down and due less. I'm still doing quite a lot [...]