the sun came out today … how pleasant 🙂 I started the day at the rocket stove model again … widened the burn tunnel and the heat riser … got a much better and consistent burn and draft. Another experiment planned for tomorrow morning. Again, as the rocket was burning I continued to move into […]

Another uninviting wintery day … spent most of the day with the rocket stove … redid the base in an attempt to better align measurements to get better and more consistent sideburn. Some success. Then completed building the model to test the thermal mass behavior … not efficient enough – yet! As I was waiting […]

Yesterday we did something worth noting … but I couldn’t get an Internet connection and was too tired to figure out why … and now after another tiring day I don’t remember what happened yesterday … Today was cold and in the morning it even rained a bit … a dreary day. Not very inviting […]

This day started earlier then usual when we went out to meet the second truck of stones for our section of road. I thought we would have spare stones left over but there was just barely enough (we could use a few cubic meters more to fill a few weak spots). The really friendly and […]

Wrapping up an odd day. Started with a visit to the market … mostly for some local cheese but we picked up a few other things – including three! kinds of tomatoes. The prices of food are ridiculous here … it is a huge value gap between the value of food in our lives and […]

Rest … today was a much needed and much appreciated day of rest. Yesterday we finished the last 2 Zakuska … the last of the big cooking efforts. We were extremely happy to not-cook today. We’ve been having a hard time finding a steel barrel … so we’ve decided to build our rocket stove from […]

All these past days we’ve been very busy still making food preservations … we’ve finished with the tomato sauce (~40 liters of it), made another batch of the miraculous winter salad, a failed Zakuska which will hopefully keep is a nice complementary dish to cooked rice, prune compote and jam, more pickles (this time of […]

3 days have flown past … the 20kg of roasted peppers have finished their journey and become a large load of delicious Zakuska. Another large batch of Zakuska with onions, eggplant and peppers is also ready and slowly cooling down. We also created a wonderful thing called a winter salad which includes finely chopped parsley […]

Today we focused on peppers … from the big load we got yesterday evening. Andreea chopped some up for freezing and preparation for other dishes. I stood at the rocket stove all day and roasted 27.5kg of red peppers … a whole lot. I continue to be in awe of the efficiency of the rocket […]