Reinforcing Cellar Retaining Walls

The exposed parts of the cellar retaining walls were in dire need of attention: The lime finishing experiment was informative but not holding up to the elements. The incomplete water-shed umbrella meant that water was collecting into the retaining walls and together with the clay soils exerting pressure on the retaining walls. That pressure met […]

Summer Kitchen Renovation Part3: Electric Post

Our connection to the electric company currently runs through the summer kitchen and from there to the house. It is embedded in the structure. The main above-ground cable runs from the road to a post sticking out of the summer kitchen roof. (top foreground)A main cut-off switch is installed on the outside wall (bottom front […]

Summer Kitchen Renovation Part2: Water & Electricity

When I started healing from my strained back we invited the excavator back to do the work we halted a couple of weeks earlier. I offered guidance, Iulia did the work! We started working on a water line. There was already a second pipe (the first being the one that feeds into the house) coming […]

Summer Kitchen Renovation Part1: Destruction

For the past few months Iulia has been clearing out the summer kitchen in preparation for renovation. We haven’t started because I’ve been reluctant to get into this project. During this period of my reluctance we did get more clear about the general plans for the renovation. We also got a set of 4 used […]

Shiny Clay Wall Finishing

I enjoyed this video very much – it made me want to get back to clay: It gave me confidence that my experiments in the earthbag cellar were in the right direction – and that with additional refinement, wonderful results can be achieved with earth!It confirmed how important the material mix is in achieveing […]

Earthbag Cellar: Shelves and … Food!

The shelves felt likeĀ  a small scale “industrial” project … mass production and assembly of parts. I had already charred a few boards in preparing for the shelves. Now it was time to cut them up and make them into frames. Then piled them up for charring the remaining parts at the “charring station” just […]