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Words like “ecosystem” and “ecological” are so popular these days, they feel so specific and yet I challenge you to try and describe them with any specificity. I tried and failed. So I looked up just the first part – three letters “eco” and a little snooping around brought me to the greek word Oikos. […]

Browsing Cluj

Andreea is spending time with local newspapers looking for houses in villages in Cluj. We hope to fall in love with a place that is easily accessible from the main city of Cluj-Napoca (so that we can have access to the city when we need it and so that we remain accessible to others). Our […]

Timberfram Tools – Woodworking Joints

A great explanation of wood-working joints.

About Cluj

Website about Cluj with a useful zoomable map of the area.

Center for Alternative Energy

Impressive research-by-example work done in Wales – with a comprehensive offering of books, courses and consultation services.

Wind Stuff Now

Detailed descriptions for a basic do-it-yourself wind-turbine.

Harvest Homes

Straw bale building services in Canada (website seems out-dated).

Natural Homes

Covers a wide range of topics around natural home building.

Natural Pest Control Using Bugs

Building with Hemp

Three great videos introducing building with hemp:

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