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Author Archives: iamronen

A Farm for the Future

A series of 5 videos shedding blinding bright light on the relationship between food production and oil. Every unit of energy consumed in inustrialized food takes 10 units of mostly fossil fuel energy to create. The implications of fossil fuel depletion are reaching. Bottom line: Stop plowing fields. Less meat consumption Permaculture – agriculture  by […]

Radiant Design Institute

Though not an appealing website(clunky UI) has a lot of really well-grounded and useful information I believe can be very useful especially to do-it-yourselfers.

Boiler Stoves UK

Seems like a sister website to Stoves Online, which specifically explains how boiler stoves work and can be incorporated into a smart and efficient heating system.

Stoves Online UK

A great resource for learning about the different elements that make up a heating system with a very rich offering of solutions if you happen to live in the UK.

How to Make Your Own Humanure Toilet

Animated plans and an accompanying video on how to build a simple humanure toilet!

Rocket Stoves

I first came across Rocket Stoves a couple of weeks ago at Paul Wheatons friendly website. I still do not grasp completely how they work but I am learning a lot (and asking a lot of questions) … in other words educating myself 🙂 Gasification Gasification is a word we’ve encountered many times in relation […]

The Humanure Handbook

This seems like “the” classic text on composting human manure. We are deeply engaged in choosing a manure lifestyle which is how we came across it.

Have we found Hemp Shivs for Construction in Romania?

On Feb 23rd Andreea and I went to see some hemp. Two people sent us to Carei in the northern area of Satu-Mare where once (until ~3 years ago) there operated the last decortication (the process in which hemp fibers are separated from the wooden core which we need for construction) in Romania. It was […]

My First Workbench Revisited

I’ve still not found peace regarding a work-bench. Though at first I’ll be busy more with wood-framing then wood-working – building a kitchen and a bed are also on my mind. So I am still hunting around for information and ideas on work-benches – and it is these findings that I want to share in […]

Revisiting our Land with our Architect

Last week we visited our home land a second time (this was the first)- this time with our architect  (who deserves and will get a separate post). Following are some panorama images and videos that Horatiu asked for to review and talk about later. There are a few stitching errors – but you are welcome […]

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