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Author Archives: iamronen

Darfield Earthship

A good blog including the story of a self-build family-sized Earthship taking place in Canada.


It was a mostly uneventful day … as it is dreary and cold and we’ve indoors almost all day … until … Andreea came back from feeding the chickens dinner with a chicken having difficulty breathing … wheezing (kind of like I do when I get asthma). We did a quick search and came up […]


Yesterday we finally got word that the package my sister sent from the USA arrived in Cluj and was waiting for us to come pick it up following a quick customs check. So we decided, after waking up to another dreary day to head out to the city. The drive to the city was fairytale […]

From Hemp to Earthships

I believe and have passionately shared my belief that hemp-lime construction is one of the best methods of construction available today (at least in the Romanian climate in which we live). We were planning to build with hemp-lime and our architect designed a magnificent house for us – unfortunately we could not afford to build […]

A Frozen World This Morning

This is what our world looks like this morning. Today is the best visibility we’ve had in 4 days!


3 days of freezing fog … no glimpse of sky or sun … today was better visibility … I could vaguely see the line of the hill. I’ve been mostly indoors reading, writing, eating, drinking. When it’s this cold, just keeping the house warm is an ongoing task. It’s beautiful outside – everything is … […]

Our First Rocket Stove

If you are reading this and interested in the technical aspect of Rocket stoves you may want to scroll down to the last part of the post where there is a description of what we actually built. But first, I do will indulge in some personal reflection about rocket stoves. What is a Rocket Stove? […]


Today was a rich day … it started off by dropping Andreea off at the village center (after using her Romanian skills to purchase a few plumbing pieces at the hardware store) to get on a bus to Cluj where she will be spending the weekend teaching her first Doula course! With us was our […]


Today was a cloudy and cold day and so I couldn’t move on with the little bit of finishing remaining for me to complete the kitchen cabinet. ┬áSo I did all sorts of things started with the chainsaw on more firewood … a bit of woodworking on what I hope will turn out to be […]


nothing much to tell … woodworking yesterday … great progress. Then Andreea came home and we had to go back to Cluj (arghhh!) because we got word from the bus-service that our packages from the UK were arriving around 11pm … so a long day turned into a long night … we made it back […]

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