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Woke up to a damp and un-cold morning. Hopped to the village to pick up something from the post-office and … waddaya know … the sun came out … so we got to work. We took the finishing work out of the living room and to the sun where I went to work on another […]

Dan Nogal’s Earthship

A small studio sized Earthship built by the Biotecture crew with interns. Lightly documented though images are always useful 🙂


We’ve had a few odd days – weather-wise. At first there we signs that snow would come … then the temperatures went up … it’s now been cool for three days not cold … almost feels warm compared to the weeks of subzero temperatures. There has been no fog in the mornings though it has […]

Three Pigs

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains VERY graphic images of three pigs being slaughtered. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be there to take the images nor that I would be able to. In the end I wanted to be there, I was there and I was able to take these images. If you feel you […]


So today the sun came out ***celebration*** and fairly early in the day at that… so just after 10am I was out and getting to work on our bedroom cabinet. I had about 5 hours of work before the cold began to set in. I am happy to say that, though there is still much […]


I think that on the previous time-line post I made an error. The first wood-working project was not the temporary poultry cage – it was our composting toilet. It’s nothing glamorous but it was a huge relief to have a more decent and comfortable place to shit then the dirty wooden-shack-over-a-hole-in-the-ground behind the house (a […]

Oscar & Lisa’s Eartship Build

A very nice small-family sized Earthship build in Spain built by a charming couple.

What is different about “Global Model” Earthships?

The modern incarnation of Earthships seems to be going under the banner of something Earthship Biotecture calls the “Global Model”. There is very little documentation of the “Global Model” (I’ll get to that point a bit later on in this post), so here’s what I’ve been able to piece together. I am sure there are […]


A documented Earthship build from the USA – including some lessons learned in retrospect.

Es Cargo Earthship

Nice documentation with images of a small two-level Earthship in Canada – including good documentation of a Rocket Stove build.

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