Earthbag Cellar: Level 5 Done ready for 6

Level 5 was already finished yesterday … but today required a bit more preparations before starting level 6.

The central preparation was putting in the plastic moisture barrier around the entire external perimeter of the wall. We spread it out, folded the corner down and covered it with soil to hold it in place … while doing that we also starting a bit more backfilling to cover the earth-tubes. Thebackfilling gave me a sense that the structure is physicall connecting with the place. Also we got a taste of wha tbackfilling would be like … and we look forward to bringing the excavator back πŸ™‚


Level 5 is also where we put in the 3 velcros to which we will attach electric sockets:


Some pictures of level 5 … with a glimpse of Rodica, a first volunteer to visit Bhudeva.




… and all preparations done and ready to go with level 6 … Vasile mounted on Maria with a tube ready to be filled:

20160902_175034… and this final image is dedicated to my father πŸ™‚


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