I just wanted to take a few minutes to make note of some things that have happened in the last … oh I don’t know … days.

We harvested some tilia flowers and set them to dry to be used for tea.

We harvested some elder flowers in mociu and made some “Socata” which is a wonderful and refreshing drink and set some aside to dry also for tea.

We went for another yearly Ecoruralis meeting at Hermitage Malin. We learned about the continued aggressions of agro-business (through corrupted governance) towards … well … almost everyone except their local industrial-farming partners. As we move into the peasant/producer camp these aggressions have deeper implications. We had a great opportunity to share Cutia Taranului with the present members and with guests Steph and Kate from Arc2020. We were embraced with curiosity and support which continued to resonate with us for a few days. Cutia Taranului, as most of our endeavours, are usually met with doubt and skepticism … so passionate embrace was hugely refreshing and nourishing.

On the way back we harvested more elder-flowers … much more. This time we began to process it for making juice concentrate. Today we will probably finish the process (boiling with sugar and then bottling for preservation).

The raised beds are coming along quite well. We have remulched most of the established potatoes. We didn’t bury them too deep so the mulch should provide them with additional growth space, moisture and nourishment.

We processed our first winter-food preserves … yes already. We purchased from Ildi and Levente peas and spinach. We podded and froze the peas. We washed, chopped and froze the spinach in useful batches. We planted some of our own but consumed some of it, we may consume some more, but much of what we have grown will be set aside for seeding next year.

We ordered and received a large supply of fire wood (~10 cubic meters) of oak and cedar. There is now much chainsawing and chopping to do to store it for drying. Most of is designated not for the coming but the following winter … we want our wood as dry as possible. This coming winter we should be able to get by with some wood left over from last year together with all the scrap wood we have set aside.

We are continuing to make preparations for the delivery of the first boxes of Cutia Taranului. Bread and baked goods boxes to Bucharest and Cluj are set to start next week. Vegetable boxes shortly after. We are in touch with a few more peasants who are making preparations to join Cutia Taranului. The information system is coming together very nicely. More functionality and modules are being added as they become relevant and their development matures.

We have begun to collect the materials we need to get started building our first solar dryers (which could already have been handy with the tea flowers).

The days are now long and getting to be hot. Work outside is in the mornings and evenings. The rest of the time is spent either in the shade (workshop included) or indoors.

This year is very different from last year. Last year was a race to finish basic preparations for winter. This year there is no rush. For the most part we can take our time and enjoy the work we have to do. We are embraced in a diverse variety of efforts. Things are moving along quite nicely and at a pleasant pace.


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