Yesterday was all finishing day. Some parts were getting finish applied, others were in sanding. I was working both tasks trying to make the best of the day … especially the sun which taunted and tricked me. When it was very cloudy I started applying finish in the barn, when it got sunny I brought […]

So today was a city (Cluj) day … mostly shopping, mostly for things we still need for winter. We got everything from boiled linseed oil (rapidly becoming our favorite wood-working finishing), rice, cereals (an occasional snack-meal which we hope to gradually replace with home made alternatives … though that may take a few years), tea-bags […]

Today looked really wintery at first … and though some more light and eventually some sun came through it stayed wintery throughout. I spent the first part of the day with a second-sanding , then raising the grain (since I am using a water based finish) and then another quick sanding. All in all this […]

Today I spent almost the entire day with a breathing mask on my face and an orbital sander on my hand. Sanding was more difficult then it can/should be because I am using green (undried) wood … all we could get our hands on. Green wood does not respond well to planing – some of […]

I started the day a bit earlier then usual and chopped my way through more fire-wood. Then Andreea joined the day and we went to the market – picked up my custom tailored sheep’s-wool vest …  great stuff from the neighboring village. We also purchased ~3kg of locally made cheese and stored most of it […]

Today started late again … foggy and cold … though eventually the sun made its way through and it was a nice and sunny day for work. The hardware store was closed today so no silicon to complete the shower … so that will have to wait for tomorrow. So … I got back to […]

Today as another foggy morning … this time though the clouds stuck around … feels like rain is coming … and with the freezing temperatures at night & morning it means snow is soon to follow. Before anything else I finally got around to writing a post on my personal blog … it’s been quite […]

Today was a weird … all over the place day. I started out with pre-assembly of the shower stall while heavy fog was still covering everything. That went great. It was great fun to suddenly see this large lacquered & rounded wooden post which has a faucet and shower head installed into 🙂 We had […]

A very rewarding day today … even though it started late as it was very foggy in the morning and took time to clear up. I started out with, thankfully, the last session of lifting lumber up to the barn attic … that’s finally done. From here on it will be about hauling stuff back […]