Our architect (so wonderful to be able to say that, deserves and will be treated to a separate post) Horatiu sent us to see Suceagu. We were taken on a tour of the village and area by his friendly and generous friend … and so our land-finding journey and education continues.

Suceagu is rather large village 12 km north-west of Cluj. It’s hidden in a valley that actually worms back in the direction of Cluj – it’s about an hour walk from the city limits to the village. It is half Romanian and half Hungarian village. The part of the village closer to the main road and train station is Romanian dominated and deeper inside and higher up is Hungarian dominated – though there is some intermingling. The lower, Romanian part is very crowded – houses felt packed together. As we traveled deeper into the village there was a bit more sense of space. Towards the end of the village there actually was space. I am guessing its crowded because of it’s proximity to the city – and from what we were told there is a movement of people from the city to the village.

Once we got to the top we got out and this is the view that appeared before us (click the image below to see a larger image):

This image is looking back in the direction we came in – facing north (on the left side is west, on the right east), it is ~10:00am – you can see the sun shining from the east – brighter on the western side. We liked this area very much – rounded and spacious hills with plenty of light.

Though it looks fairly flat – it has good north-south orientation – if you look closely you can see that on the left the hill rises gently to the north – creating a subtle but effective potential shielding from the north (if a house is properly sited).

Also, the left (west) side is very accessible by road, the right (east) side is less so and in some parts there is an additional valley that needs to be bridges to get to it.

Our host made a stop on the way down to ask about these lands. It seems that, typical of Romania, the lands are very fragmented – small plots (2 or 3 acres) owned by different people. This makes it difficult to purchase a larger area of 1 or 2 hectare. The village is also growing and creeping up the road – which means that in the future it may not remain so spacious. From what we can tell lands prices are currently ~10euro per sqm – way beyond our budget.

Our host then took us to see lands on the other (northern side of the main road) a couple of minutes drive out of the village.

We loves this land even more. These are deserted (from the 90’s) fruit tree orchards with excellent north-south orientation. The land here is clay-heavy (maybe good for people interested in building with cob?) and therefore less suitable for diverse farming. Otherwise a nice place, great view, spacious and close to the city.

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