Our grazing includes lots of web-browsing which, besides being extremely informative (and sometimes chaotic – branching off in endless directions) is tremendously inspiring. There are so many great people out there that have already created their own Bhudeva’s and so many professionals working to create new solutions to old challenges. I’ve reached the point where I want to start reaching out to people to ask for help. This is the purpose of this page.

Do It Yourself?

Though “Do It Yourself” is a key value of Bhudeva it is also a key question. We want to be involved in every aspect of Bhudeva because we are curious, because we care and because we want to see everything come together in beautiful alignment with our vision. But the more we learn the more we realize there is to learn and that we can’t possibly take it all in. I am writing these words on a laptop computer with an operating system which I can take for granted because other people dedicated themselves to making them – and they take other things for granted which other people dedicate themselves to … which brings me to question “Do It Yourself”.

Instead of tackling the question head on (where I feel I am doomed to fail) I’d like to look at it from a different perspective – that of Romania. We see in Romania a gold-mine of natural resources – and I am not referring to gold or natural gas (which are there too). I am thinking of fertile land and plentiful water – basic elements from which so many things can grow. What seems to be missing in Romania is an awareness of these resources and knowledge on how to create with them. There are no organizations and research facilities dedicated to ecological and sustainable building or lifestyle, no tax-returns for investing in green technologies, no grid tie-in legislation which requires that the electricity providers buy back spare eletricity. Yet there is unspoken and unwritten knowledge on sustainable living because village life was and is still very dominant in Romania. It just hasn’t caught up with the times – with the vast body of common-sense, technology & knowledge that has accumulated around the world.


It is here in Romania that we are looking to create our home. To do this we need to seek out and import knowledge that is still hard to come by locally. We are are approaching this challenge with the hope of doing it not just for ourselves but for other Romanians too. We wish to demonstrate that it is possible and feasible to make a wonderful life in a village home in Romania. It is the word “feasible” that brings me to “Do It Yourself”. It is one thing to build a celebrity sustainable home on Malibu beach in California (with so much ecological waste in the building process that despite all its effeciency the house will never balance out) for the cover of some stylich eco-architecture magazine. It is a different thing altogether to build a functional, pleasant and sustainable home in a Romanian village with limited resources.

With “local-feasibility”, which is our greatest challange, in mind we hope that Bhudeva will have numerous rippling effects in Romania:

  1. Demonstrating the feasible and rich quality of life that a Romanian village home can provide.
  2. Promoting public awareness that this quality of village life is the greatest natural resource in Romania.
  3. Creating learning opportunities, mentality and incentives for local professionals to take up and embrace up-to-date knowledge of sustainable building and living.
  4. Fostering a positive and curious attitude of “do-it-yourself” amongst potential home-makers.
  5. Breathing new life into old local knowledge of sustainable day-to-day living that existed in Romania that has faded and is now further obscured by a commercialized western lifestyle.

We Have …

We have a lot going for us:

  1. We are here in Romania and we are going to creage a village home here.
  2. We have the freedom to follow our will. We have, over recent years, moved out of a city-oriented mind-set into a more remote-intimate-village mind-set. It has been a process of moving not just houses but our lives as well.
  3. We create a language and cultural bridge into Romania – Ronen lived most of his life in a western mindset and is a fluent english speaker. Andreea is native Romanian who has lived outside of Romania for over 10 years.
  4. We have limited though we believe feasible (which means we will work to make the most out of them) financial resources dedicated to creating our home.
  5. We have the knowledge and tools to create websites to get the word out online. Ronen builds websites and has been writing a personal blog since the summer of 2007. Andreea operates Feminitate – a successful Romanian website about women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, birth and well-being. And now Bhudeva is available online both in English and Romanian.

We Wish For …

Teachers! Well intentioned, passionate, open-hearted people who can relate to Bhudeva. We want people who  can support, guide and assist us on our way. There are so may questions, so many fields of knowledge to cover, so many choices … anyone who can help us navigate through this is welcome at this point in time.

Students! We are also hoping to meet other Romanians who, like us, are interested in moving their lives in a similar direction. We look forward to sharing our insights, learning from others, working together, learning together and hopefully give birth to small local communities where we can also sit by the fireplace together at the end of a day, teach our kids together and watch them grow … and who knows what else!

Current Efforts

Honestly, we don’t even know the complete list of trades and professions that we will encounter and when we will encounter them. Right now we are working on two levels:

  1. Finding and buying healthy and sufficient land hopefully with a small livable house as a point of departure. Already we are dealing with questions such as what makes for good and healthy land? how much land should we start with? How can we tell if a house is livable? What does it entail to install running water and sewage which is often missing in Romanian village homes?
  2. Designing our future home. We have begun a creative process by asking ourselves what we want in a home. We are confident that when it comes to ecological and sustainable living this is the best time to get wise people involved. Now is our opportunity to get it right from the start.

We will periodically update this section to reflect our progress and our needs as best as we can communicate them.


If we’ve contacted you, we hope this page has made it clear why. It was written with you in mind.

If you’ve come across this page and wish to do so, please do contact us as we are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

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