Bhudeva (November 2010)

Bhudeva is a Sanskrit term which can be translated as “Divinity on Earth”. We are Andreea & Ronen and we quietly created and launched Bhudeva two days before we departed from Israel to Romania. It represents our wish and journey for the coming years to build a home in Romania. We didn’t tell anybody about it – we created it as a kind of lucky charm to carry with us. Just as our home is still largely unknown so is this website. Our intention is to document our journey and experiences and to share whatever knowledge we receive so that others may partake in our discoveries.

Why Romania?

We have come to Romania first and foremost because this is Andreea’s birth-country. Though for many years she swore she would never come back here, over recent years her heart has opened to Romania and discovered a calling that eventually (rather quickly) brought us here. We felt that Andreea and her work Feminitate would prosper if we had our feet on the ground here in Romania – so here we are.

Over recent years we have moved away from the city to a more rural lifestyle – and we feel better for it. Though we are currently renting an apartment in the city (Cluj-Napoca) our intentions are to move to a home in a village within a reasonable distance from the city. There we wish to create a self-sustaining and ecological home where we live-off the land and create most of the things we need in life. We believe that the greatest natural asset in Romania is the potential in creating such a life in the village – we see all around us a country rich with land and water.

Our Wish

Our wish and intentions are to embark on a journey of creation and discovery. There are many questions and unknowns, there is a huge learning curve covering many subjects.

  1. We will start by creating a home for ourselves – we look forward to building an ecological, self powered home, to growing our own food and to establishing a pleasant and healthy pace of life.
  2. We will then grow into a place of learning where others can find support, tools and knowledge to pursue a similar life-style. Our attention is going to be anchored around women – as a direct extension of Andreea’s work at Feminitate. Our home will grow into a place of embrace, education and creation for women. Not only are women graced with the unique ability to nurture and deliver new life into the world – but it seems that women are also a source of social rejuvenation (a good place to learn about the power change and growth inherent women is GirlEffect).
  3. Ultimately our home will evolve into a natural birthing center in Romania. The current setting of pregnancy and birth in Romania are in dire straits and we believe that women and their families deserve better. As Andreea’s work in the field of pregnancy and birth will continue to spread and evolve over the coming years – it will be met with a physical place which supports the divine experience of birth.

This Website

We expect our journey to take us through many territories – from finding and selecting land, through to fixing an existing home and/or building a new one, farming, electricity and energy and much much more. Searching the web (which we’ve  been doing for many months) leads to many potential resources – sifting through them to find quality, reliable and useful information can be both tedious and rewarding. Our discoveries will probably surface according to our needs – their relevancy determined by the challenges we face at any given time. That is how they will appear here too.

There is also a  Bhudeva Romanian speaking sister website. The two websites are not mirror images – they each have a slightly different personality and flavor. We do cross-post contents that seems relevant or inspiring – but there will surely be differences – so you may want to keep tabs on both 🙂

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  2. I am a Romanian who moved to the USA. After marrying an American here, graduating from college, getting my MA, I am starting to rethink my decision, and to appreciate more what I have left behind. Romania is a wonderful country, it just takes courage to see that. Thank you for doing what you are doing!

  3. Very informative website. Thanks a lot! I will go through your posts a bit at a time (there is so much to read!!). We are also on the same path, trying to use permaculture to shape our new life, even if on a much smaller scale (land-wise). We are slowly trying to relocate from London to a village near Odorheiu Secuiesc, at the moment spending most of the year in Varsag, where we have built a small house. My husband is from Bucharest, I am from Italy, we both lived for many years in China and London … and we are now moving to Transylvania!! Too bad we are not close to you guys. It always helps to have like-minded people around… But we might pay you a visit some time!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    Laura & Stefan

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